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Q. What are the requirements for taking the workshops?
A. You do not need any previous experience or training. You must be over 18 years old (though I am taking a waiting list for teens under 18 for their own workshop).

Q. Where are the workshops held?
A. Currently, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York..

Q. How much does a workshop cost?
A. The fee for either workshop is $175. A deposit of $25 in check or money order is due once you have been completely confirmed into a workshop with a date and place. The remainder is due upon arrival at the workshop in cash, check, or money order. Sorry no payment by credit cards.

Q. How long is each workshop?
A. About six hours long with no lunch break (there will be a couple of short breaks). Part of the training is deliberately under strenuous shooting conditions.

Q. What days of the week are the workshops held?
Weekdays or weekends, whenever the best days are for most of the actors.

Q. What if I am suddenly booked for a shoot or get called for an audition on the day of my workshop?
Great! I am truly happy for you. That’s what this is about. Just let me know as soon as you can or at least by the night before the workshop, and we will reschedule your workshop to another date with no loss of deposit.

Q. If I change my mind about taking the workshop, is my deposit refundable?
Yes absolutely.

Q. If they are so important, why aren’t “MARKS AND MATCHING” taught more?
In order to really teach this from experience, the instructor should actually have experience and a working knowledge of not just acting, but also on-camera directing, editing, lighting, camera operating, and of course, teaching. Not too many instructors have this experience in their background. My experience is listed on the About Us page of this site.

I have also trained in Advanced Film Lighting with The Ryerson Professional Cinematography Course in Toronto, DV Camera, Location Sound, and Feature Film Lighting with The International Film & Television Workshops in Maine, and Video Camera, Location Lighting, and Digital Cinematography with SONY.

For the past 23 years, I have personally trained well over 2,000 actors in professional on-camera acting skills. I was encouraged by many actors to begin these specific workshops because they are needed and are nowhere to be found.

Q. I’ve never heard of any of this. How do I know it’s really needed?
Rather than asking other actors or me, please ask whether or not hitting your marks, matching your actions, and the ability to do take after take is important to any experienced director (Film, TV, or Commercials), any Director of Photography, any Editor, or for that matter any professional Crew who actually works on-set or on-location and see how they react to your question and listen carefully to what they say after you ask them. You will not need any more reference or recommendation after they answer you. I encourage you to check this out first.

Q. What technique of acting do you teach?
One that really works on a professional set take after take.

More Student Testimonials

“This was a very informative and practical class. I learned more in one day workshop than I had in years of reading and “acting” classes. Dennis teaches you how to be truthful with the audience by being yourself on camera.”
Justin Marcellus.

“This workshop was MOST beneficial in allowing me to relax before the word “Action” was heard. Now, I’m ready for the audition and future roles beyond!” Yvonne Sidell.

“True to form teaching. Even though I’ve done extras work mostly, I’ve seen some things you have taught but it reinforces what I need to do the job.” Gary Prado.

“The class really helped me to connect with my emotions, and allowed be to portray them confidently and professionally.” Teresa Lucas.

“Marks and Matching class is a unique course that puts all acting essentials such as emotions development, taking directions, improv, and team work all in one. It’s a must for any serious actor.” Delfina Fung.

“Thanks for a fun workshop. I will thank my agent for recommending you.”
Caroline Smullen.

“I had fun!” Elaina Deans.

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For workshop information in your area please email us at dennis@takeaftertake.com.
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