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Rule #1 For Representation

“Actors and Models represent the reputation of their Talent Agents.”

New Workshops at Nancy Hayes Casting in San Franciso.
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In one day, learn the film acting skills
you need to perform take after take,
or your workshop is free.

(Your next shoot may be your only Big Break)

What our students are saying:

I am a SAG actor with experience in movies. In New York, I took both the Take After Take and Marks and Matching Workshops from Dennis Sakamoto, and then immediately moved on to do a principal role in a movie at the end of the same week.

These workshops changed how I worked on the movie set and made a tremendous tremendous difference.I used Dennis' tips and suggestions and got very good compliments from both the Director and the Cinematographer.

Dennis teaches practical things from experience that can be used right away. Not theories.He actually trains actors. Everything is simple and real. Dennis takes actors by the hand and walks them through working on a set exactly. I strongly recommend to every actor these workshops from Dennis Sakamoto are a MUST TAKE.      Yury Tsykun SAG
“Marks and Matching is a fantastic way to learn continuity. Dennis makes on-set scenarios easily understandable. Now I know I’ll consistently be professional as an actor.”     Julie Day

“What I like about Dennis’ classes is that someone who is new to acting can still feel comfortable being with other people who are more experienced, and learn so much from his instructions. Recently I had a lead role in a music video and what I learned from my TakeAfterTake class was really helpful.”     
Li Sadler

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Producing Director Dennis Sakamoto on a shoot.
Take After Take
& Marks and Matching.
Not just another acting class.
An experience.
Some of the professional acting skills you are expected to have when you show up to film your big scene — may not be taught in acting class. Here are two special acting workshops which will give you these professional film acting skills -
These one day intensive hands-on workshops will prepare you to work professionally on set or location in a real world shooting environment. When your big acting break finally comes... you better be ready.

In this workshop you will learn simple practical methods of how to:

  • Prepare your emotion prior to “Action!” on or off camera given very limited time, while taking direction and shooting under pressure TAKE AFTER TAKE.
  • Repeat takes in rapid succession, with your emotion developing rather than drying up TAKE AFTER TAKE.
  • Apply these methods so that you absolutely are not dependent on who you do your scene with, whether you be in performance with a bad actor or in audition with a non-actor.

In this other workshop you will learn simple practical methods of how to…

“Hit Your Marks.”One of the first things that happens when you finally show up on-set to film your scene is the crew places tapes on the floor to “Mark” your camera positions you will move to or from during the filming. You cannot glance down at your marks while moving or the shot will be ruined. The Director and crew will expect you to already have this essential basic film acting skill.

“Match Your Actions.” When you perform repeated takes in the three basic camera shots:

  1. Wide Angle/Master
  2. Two shot/Over the Shoulder
  3. Single/Close-up shot

Which are all filmed to “cover” the footage needed to edit your scene, your actions, positions, and movements, must “match” or your footage will not “cut” together and you can end up cut out of your own picture. This is also called "continuity."

For workshop information in your area please email us at dennis@takeaftertake.com.
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